About Rapides Area Drug Enforcement Unit (R.A.D.E.)


The Rapides Area Drug Enforcement (RADE) unit is a multi-jurisdictional team comprised of the Alexandria Police Department, Ball Police Department, Boyce Police Department, Cheneyville Police Department, Forest Hill Police Department, Glenmora Police Department, Grant Parish Sheriff's Office, Lecompte Police Department, McNary Police Department, Pineville Police Department, Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office, Woodworth Police Department, Grant Parish District Attorney's Office and the Rapides Parish District Attorney's Office.

The RADE unit continues to target individuals suspected of trafficking narcotics in the Central Louisiana area, focusing primarily on the Parishes of Rapides and Grant.

Our mission is to conduct thorough investigations into individuals who violate State and/or Federal drug laws. Collaborating closely with other law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, we ensure that drug offenders are held accountable to the fullest extent of both State and Federal laws.

At RADE, we are committed to proactive measures that include filing Asset Forfeiture cases under the Louisiana Drug Asset Forfeiture laws against drug traffickers whenever feasible.  Our approach emphasizes safety, ensuring the wellbeing of all parties involved, including law enforcement officers and the drug violators.

RADE remains committed to its mission of eradicating drug related offenses from our communities.  Your continued support and collaboration are crucial as we work tirelessly to achieve our goals.  Together, we make a difference in creating safer neighborhoods and a brighter future for all.

We take pride in our diligent pursuit of justice, consistently completing investigations and addressing complaints.

To enhance transparency and responsiveness, we encourage the community to actively engage with us.  You can report concerns through various channels, including Crime Stoppers, FaceBook, or our online tip form.  We also encourage all individuals to speak with an agent at (318) 445-0357.  If you require further assistance, you are welcome to contact Major Kary Beebe or Captain Albert Keller at (318) 445-0357.  Your call will remain anonymous regardless of whether you speak with and agent or leave a tip online.

If you have any information and/or would like to report any narcotics activity, you may do so by sending direct messages to the RADE unit at our Tip Form, or on our Facebook page.